Friday, May 19, 2017

Disorders - Ulcerative Colitis

Through his Reston, Virginia-based private practice, Dr. Soloman Shah delivers expert gastroenterological care to patients with ulcerative colitis and a variety of other issues. A highly trained MD, Dr. Soloman Shah completed his fellowship in gastroenterology at the University of Maryland Hospital. 

A chronic condition impacting the large intestine, ulcerative colitis is characterized by persistent inflammation in bowel tissues, and more rarely, in tissues of the eyes and joints. Researchers do not yet entirely understand what gives rise to ulcerative colitis, though they believe that it results from a confluence of environmental, immune-system, and genetic factors. 

During flare-ups, patients with ulcerative colitis may experience abnormal urgency to use the bathroom. In roughly a tenth of cases, this urgency can be quite severe and be accompanied by fevers and blood in the stool. Other symptoms include weight loss and anemia. 

MDs have yet to discover a cure for ulcerative colitis, though they can prescribe drugs to help patients manage symptoms or even induce remission. For patients whose disease does not respond to more conservative treatments, surgery to remove the colon is an option.